What is Astrology? And can it be trusted?

The study of how the positions of the stars and movements of the planets have a supposed influence on events and the lives and behavior of people. Across several centuries of testing, the predictions of astrology have never been more accurate than that expected by chance alone. One approach used in testing astrology quantitatively is through blind experiment.

About AstroTalk

Firstly, AstroTalk is known for the most accurate and reliable future predictions. Also, that’s precisely what happens if an authentic astrologer predicts your future most accurately without any fallacy. One-click destination to astrology. It has verified astrologers who go through various interviews and case studies.

About the Speaker

Puneet Gupta, CEO at AstroTalk who never believed in astrology and hated it changed his opinion about astrology after one perfect prediction.

“I was against astrology all my life and used to mock my mom as she believed it, but destiny had different plans” – Puneet Gupta, CEO, and Founder at AstroTalk.

How it all started?

“Previously, when I was unsure about resigning from a job, a colleague of mine told me she practiced astrology and helped me make a decision. That was the first time I thought it could be real”

He tells about how it all came true and how his life took a turn for the better.

“That one incident changed my opinion and perspective towards astrology and was the start of AstroTalk.”

The scope of AstroTalk,

“Before starting it, I did my research, and there was not much back in 2017. There were a lot of companies, but they had not written anything about their customer base or revenue they had. The reason behind this was the people running these companies weren’t writing about it much.”

“They didn’t care about customer satisfaction but were inclined only towards earning money.” – He added.

How and who use AstroTalk more?

“Initially, we believed people above the age of 35 would be using our services, but to our surprise, our customer base falls mostly between the age of 23-35. The youth is connecting to it pretty well, and we are glad it is helping them.”

Further, he talks in detail about their retention rate and how customers keep coming back to their services whenever they have new difficulties or challenges in their lives.

“If you download our application, you get the first session for free; the first session will help make customers understand how the app works after knowing their prediction.”

About the hurdles, difficulties, and authenticity,

“I realized that there are a lot of self-proclaimed astrologers who didn’t know astrology. Eventually, when I spoke to other astrologers, then I understood there is a science behind astrology, and it can be right.”

In conclusion “Start and do something close to your heart, there will be difficulties but always believe in what you are doing,”

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