Renew your business self in a riveting conversation with Mamta Kumari, co-founder at Prepbytes

“Be ready to learn, be ready to face the situation and don’t quit”

Mamta Kumari started her career as a software developer and now is the founder of PrepBytes. She is a self-motivated risk-taker, helping students to achieve their dream job ever since she started her career. Her goal is to bridge the gap between the companies and the fresh graduates. From being a mere software developer for 4 years to being the founder of a company, her success speaks for herself.

PrepBytes: Building a bridge between students and corporates

Prepbytes is an e-learning initiative aiming to build a Mentorship Driven Online Placement program where students are guided to achieve their dream placement. WIth excruciating experience shared among the personnel from all across the globe, it ensures the students get the best experience and an unmatched result. 

An apercu of the conversation

The conversation lifted off by Mamta telling us about the gaps in the education and placement system and how she had planned to change that. She believes that with a little bit of guidance and content, the hard work of the students pays off. Mamta stresses on lack of awareness as a reason for the prevailing system and how her company is crossing horizons to help students fulfill their dreams.

She helped us understand the importance of guidance and mentorship in times like the present world where instability has devoured everything around it while keeping in mind the approach and unemployment rates. 

As the conversation funneled down Mamta she shared her thoughts on the probable solutions that can help make the E-learning platform much more efficient, and how important it is to reach the right set of students with the right content. 

Solutions for E-learning challenges

Mamta believes that sticking to the fundamentals can be the one-stop solution to everything, and her company focuses on that and the one thing they do really well is connecting with the students. As the technology progressed, learning has had a rough journey going forward but Mamta sheds some light on this situation by helping us understand the most important thing to do at times like these is to connect with students and keep them motivated at all times, and the rest will fall into place. She believes free workshops and webinars can be helpful to create awareness, which has been lacking and is the fundamental problem.

“If you are in the journey, just work hard and you’ll definitely succeed someday”

Every student wants to be the best version of themselves, working at the best companies. An essential tool that helps you get there is “hard work”. As the conversation settled down, Mamta shared her parting thoughts which felt like the light at the end of the tunnel. 

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