Enlighten your business path by a sensational conversation with Nitya Sharma, co-founder, & CEO at Simpl

“The vision of payment is in the interaction between merchant and consumer, the payments should not even exist” 

Nitya Sharma is a phenomenal business personality giving rise to innovation in the Fintech world. He is an inspiring individual with over a decade of work experience with various reputed brands in the corporate world, gave rise to his own company “Simpl” in 2015, with a focused stream of a professional portfolio in the field of finance. 

Simpl: Making payments invisible and money intelligent

Simpl is a Fintech based company that helps its users simplify their payments across all formats by combining all your payments from all the platforms and pay them in a single tap, working closely with merchants and financial institutions across the globe to make all the monetary transactions effortless and transparent.

A quick preview for your business buds

The conversation started with Nitya helping us understand the fundamentals of a business idea, and how it is executed at different phases of development. Nitya quoted “the best payment experience is invisible” making the goal and objective clear, which helps in constructing the right strategy and following the path to immense success. 

As the conversation progressed, Nitya shared some valuable insights on the future of the company and the industry which empowers the listeners to have greater focus and understanding of the business world.

Who can become your client?

As stated by Nitya, anyone browsing the internet, surfing the comments, or choosing the right video to watch, all those connected to the internet could be your clients anytime soon. There are many concerns in the world of clients starting with e-commerce customers. Companies strive to solve all the problems and improve on the experience constantly to make the customers feel at home. Building trust has been one of the main concerns for merchants. In the process, we thought eliminating COD is their first task towards a progressive world. 

While the businesses focus on that, the other side of the story is to collaborate with merchants as a true partner and keeping the leverage to a minimum. Once your clients are in-house the next step is to retain them which is equally important as the first one and according to Nitya that starts from providing very strong core product value.

“An entrepreneur benefits from having unique insights about a market and through that unique product solutions come to market. Even when you are in a competitive market, you are actually not competing”

Learning from experience has always been one of the best ways to understand how things work, and how things should be done. There are many solutions out there that solveproblems. But finding the one that works best for you is your secret task. Nitya regarding his company quoted 

“We are not competing with anyone, our mission is to make payments invisible, our job is not to build a payment company, our job is to build a company that builds relationships between a consumer and merchant”

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