Make your business spotless with a revitalizing conversation with Atul Shivnani, Head of e-Commerce & Digital at The Body Shop

“We are an NGO business, that is profitable”- Atul Shivnani

Atul Shivnani is a marketing expert with overwhelming experience in the industry for over 10 years. He is an individual with hands-on experience across multiple startups, agencies, and various brands in the field of digital marketing, expertise in campaign management across the web while having strong brand communication. He is proficient in all major fields of digital marketing that include Social Media Marketing, Functional Consulting, Delivery operations, SEO, E-commerce, andmore.

The Body Shop – Your loyal Skincare Brand 

The Body Shop is an iconic British skincare brand. It has a physical presence in over 68+ countries, and in India over 50+ cities with 200+ stores. Founded way back in 1976, it kick-started from a single store to a multinational company and has made its name at the top of the beauty industry across the globe. A company that believes in business can be fun if it can be conducted with love and a powerful force for good. 

A brief record of the conversation.

The conversation started off by Atul Shivani allowing us to understand the core principles behind the functioning of the body shop and how it manages to separate its identity in this ever-growing and competitive world. He makes us understand how the company was looked at in the earlier period compared to how they are looked at now, from the change of perspective and the shift from the traditional to the digital, he mentions the business was earlier looked at with a shareholder, stakeholder, stock market perspective. Atul believes that following the vision and breaking the rules established the difference between us and our competition. 

As the conversation carried on Atul Shivnani defines their company’s target audience and helps us understand the importance of having one. He mentions, The Body Shop is a bridge to a luxury brand with affordable premiums while having an approach to a wide yet certain set of consumers. Atul later in the conversation shared his thoughts on how community trade changed the structure of the business, According to him “ by cutting out the middlemen, it’s proven to be mutually cost-effective”.

Coming to the Corporate Social Responsibility side of the company, Atul explains to us how it is in the company’s DNA rather than for an authority’s sake. The company has been fighting against the exploitation of the environment for decades. Also, it is taking measures to recycle the plastics which are both beneficial to the environment as well as the rag-pickers.

Innovate from both product and customer perspective

A great experience comes with the high quality, top-class product, and efficacy of the product. With a huge investment made in the field of R&D to assure its customers about the quality. Making the customers feel like the centerpiece of the brand and always leaving the customers excited every time they visit the shop has been the key to success. Brand Loyalty Program has been a great way of retaining customers which can be accomplished in many ways as we will learn from the podcast.

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