Add flavor to your business with an appetizing discussion with Deep Mehta, co-founder at Digichefs.

“The only way you can learn digital marketing is by practicing it” -Deep Mehta

Deep Mehta is a specialist in the field of digital marketing with experience of more than 8 years. He has been recognized in the top 100 smartest digital marketing leaders 2019-2020 by World Marketing Congress and CMO Asia in association with ET rise. With his consistency and diligence, and the experience of working with over 100 brands in a variety of business verticals like Health, BFSI, Real Estate, Fashion, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Technology, B2B and so many more, he helps startups & brands in achieving their business objectives like e-commerce sales, lead generation, building brand SoV, community building, and much more. 

DigiChefs- Adding flavors to the Digital world.

DigiChefs, as Digital Chefs, is aiming to be India’s best high-performance creative agency empowering brands to reach out to their audience using technology, mediums & effective communication. Itstarted in the year 2015 with a goal to provide solutions for business challenges. It includes building a brand, launching a product, creating engagement, selling a product/service with a team that excels in the digital marketing space.

An outline of a master-speech. 

The conversation kicked-off with Deep Mehta helping us understand the unique world of digital marketing and how he was tempted into it. As the world is going by the data, he gave some insights, in times like these, how businesses can improve on their decision-making skills and make the best out of the situation. Deep Mehta believes that digital marketing is that part of advertising which has democratized advertising for everyone. As the conversation elongated, 

he shared some valuable thoughts on how startups can turn into renowned businesses.

“Anything that works, scale it up, anything that doesn’t discard it”. In the world of digital marketing, customer acquisition and retention have seen many strategic changes as they are the primary goals of any business which is directly proportional to the growth of the company. He believes that businesses need to understand the value of retaining a customer and the importance of a customer which makes the business appreciate it’s customers and provide more value which would drive the lifetime of a consumer to longer periods. 

As the discussion progressed, Deep Mehta suggested some channels which businesses can use when their primary goal is to re-engage with them. He also shared some valuable insights to increase website ranking by sharing his view on how digital marketing will be continuously adapted in the country for the coming years. 

“Part of the analysis is as important or more important as part of planning’

We are all living in a digital realm, everything is digital these days, from the things you buy to the way you spend your money. Keeping up with the pace can be hectic, as we all need help sometimes from an expert or an experienced one. Digichefs, the Digital Chefs will make sure you find the right recipe for the dish in mind. 

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