Make your dreams come true by an enchanting conversation with Himanshu Periwal, Co-founder at Unlu.

“Get your hands dirty and just do it or you’d never realize and would keep thinking” – Himanshu Periwal

Himanshu Periwal is the Co-Founder at Unlu, a fan-to-celebrity connect platform. He has experience for close to a decade with various reputed brands like Amazon, Bain & Company, ixigo. He was the VP of Growth at ixigo, helping it grow transactions by 23x over 3 years. At Amazon, he was part of the team that launched it in India and was its’ first Product Marketing Manager. He is a Start-up Advisor at NASSCOM, GSV Labs, TechStars and has been associated with over 20 start-ups as a Mentor/Investor/Consultant. He is a graduate of IIM Calcutta and is also a Product Management Faculty at upGrad.

Unlu: A Gap between a fan and a celebrity

Unlu is a fan-to-celebrity connect platform that allows millions of fans to get personalized messages, video shoutouts, direct contact, video calls, or a brand endorsement with the top celebrities in India. It is a new and innovative way of gifting format which fills the gap between celebrities and fans. Every individual has an inspiration in their lives, but reaching out to them or even receiving a single message from them makes the moment memorable. Unlu has about 20 categories starting from music, movies, sports to cooking, lifestyle, etc. It was launched in June 2020. As the founder joins the Truepush podcast he tells about his journey of converting an idea into reality.

Diving into the conversation

As a commoner, we often wonder how celebrities seem so perfect on the screen and wish to meet them at least once in a lifetime. But that is rarely feasible. Himanshu starts off by telling how Unlu creates a bridge between celebrities and their admirers. The conversation covers his experience and the journey of how the idea of Unlu came to life. He tells how he and his three friends decided to work in a field where there is a lot of unmet demand. Himanshu briefly explained the hard work of one and a half years before launching Unlu. He also unveiled the story behind the unique name ‘Unlu’ which means ‘famous’ in Turkish. 

Midway, Himanshu discloses the hacks which he and his team cracked to increase the customer base without spending much on marketing. He elaborated how in the first two months of Unlu, 0 dollars was spent on marketing. He shared that within the first month, they signed partnerships with various reputed brands like Flipkart, Myntra, Paytm, etc. The company’s user base was increased by brand marketing, referral growth, shareability, and increasing organically through SEO and ASO in those months which gave it a 50Mn user base within the first 2 months.

As the conversation of Truepush podcast Unlucame to a close, Himanshu dives deeper into how the safety of both celebrities and fans is assured on the platform. This is done by giving complete information to the celebrity about the user and giving them a choice to either accept or reject the proposal. The company strives on making the experience as user-friendly as possible for both the user and the celebs. Its main objective is to have as many forms of one-to-one engagement with the celebrity as possible and also tap into the international sphere. 

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