“Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought”.

 “Now Women can Stand and Pee” – This unique thought was the idea behind PeeBuddy.

All ears to Deep Bajaj, Founder at PeeBuddy– Sirona Hygiene. PeeBuddy is a revolutionary product to help the woman in society. Listen to the hurdles faced by the brand to create awareness and acceptance at deeper levels, the success, and the strategies used to grow.

The Story Behind the Origin of PeeBuddy 

It all started on the road trip from Delhi to Jaipur in 2014 with the four couples together for the road trip, and the problem started when we had to stop at every fuel station on the way for our female partners to find the clean and safe toilets. 

It was unfortunate that we could only find 1 out of 5 toilets as clean and safe to use. With this,  one of the wives said that she wished she was in Europe because there she could have access to a reusable, plastic device to urinate in any dirty toilet. This rang the bell in my head, and the idea of PeeBuddy thus took place on that road trip.

I was happy to share my idea with my friends, who helped me later in the start-up as the co-founders.

The vision was clear to create high impact products for Women who are unique & offer a to those issues which are either neglected or not explored.


PeeBuddy is a revolutionary product for Women. Using PeeBuddy (Indias First Female   Urination Device), Women can stand & pee / urinate in all dirty, public, unfriendly and unhygienic toilets. Recommended by best of doctors (for use during Pregnancy/Arthritis), Peebuddy is available at leading stores like Mahindra Babyoye, Dabur NewU, Religare, 24×7, Guardian, Health & Glow, Apollo, Medplus, Le Marche and online portals like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, eBay etc. BBC has covered PeeBuddy, ANI, Reuters, YourStory, Hindustan Times, Inc42 etc. & has won multiple awards.

The Gist of the Discussion

Is your journey of Sirona hygiene is by chance or by choice?

It was my choice since I was always curious to build unique products. We are trying to solve the intimate hygiene challenges of women by Sirona hygiene.

What was the initial marketing strategies you followed?

There were no case-studies for these kinds of products initially when we started. We had no reference to look for. It was more like a trial and error method. We began with promoting the products at events and awareness programs. 

We started speaking about the product at various professional events and doctors who later recommended it to their patients and helped in creating awareness.

To know more about the discussion, plug in your headphones and listen to the podcast above.

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