Welcome to the third episode of the Game of Growth Podcast hosted by Truepush. The growth and success of every business depend on its ability to attract new customers. Listen to this episode-3 where, Nitin Bajaj, the founder, and CEO of Easyleadz, lead generation platform discuss the importance of lead generation platforms and other growth aspects for your business.

About Easyleadz

Easyleadz is a software Bot that works like the inside sales assistant. It can research companies, find who is the right person within that company to reach out to, and then perform tasks like finding their email, sending them a sequence of emails, engaging them over Linkedin, or adding them to a list for the future use. It saves our customers up to 70% of manual work so that they can spend time on tasks that matter more – talking to customers.

While researching companies, it tracks recent activities like funding, active hiring by those companies to optimize the response rate, thus making outbound less cold and more human and done at the right time.

Outbound sales have a conversion rate of 1-2% generally; most of our customers have got 8-10% conversion and even 20% in some cases.

About Nitin Bajaj

Founder & CEO at EasyLeadz. Currently scaling EasyLeadz and helping with Launching new products, Brand building, Growth Marketing, Digital Marketing, Strategic Partnerships, and more.

He  Founded EasyLeadz in 2016 and was country Head for F6S from 2017 to 2018. It is a global community of over 3 million+ startup founders, VC firms, and Accelerators globally.

He has also given over 50 talks in colleges and companies ranging from IIT Delhi, Ph.D. Chambers, FICCI, UP Government.

He Started consulting startups in 2018, has helped several startups with Brand Building, Lead Generation, B2B sales, Business Development, Growth Hacking, Digital marketing & strategy, etc.

The Highlights

How was the journey so far?

I started as a sales engineer, and it has to be ten years that I am in the sales and B2B industry. I did my Mechanical Engineering and began with the company where I was responsible for speeding up sales using robots and installing robots in manufacturing industries for about four years.

I took a break from my job and completed an MBA from IIT Delhi from2013 to 2015. Then my Startup journey started where I started various ventures like 

– Started GetMyLooks in 2013. Grew it to 100 orders a day.

– Started Sponsifyme in 2015. Managed a team of 10 and served over 100 clients including Pepsico, Zee Cinemas, OYO Rooms, Rio Olympics, IIFA Awards.

After that, I founded Easyleadz in 2016 and helped startups to grow by finding the right leads at the right time.

How Important is it for the business to use lead generation tools?

It is very important considering the present new normal scenario where people cannot help directly walk down to companies and meet people. The lead generation tools will help companies by providing a direct road to reach industry decision-makers to extend their base.

These tools will help you up-scale sales and increase the efficiency of the sales team.

To know more about How lead generation platforms are important? Dive into our Podcat and Stay Tuned.

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