It’s become a trending scenario to use push notifications for marketing.

So "What are push notifications" is the major query.

To simplify, an intended message is sent to the user to provide information, as follows

Deals from the application, new social media posts, a few reminders, etc., even when the user is not browsing that particular application.

These are majorly focused to grab the attention of the audience which help in application marketing.

The idea, Plan, Implement, Market

Getting an idea is creative,

Planning it out, and organizing everything into the correct sequence is clever,

To put it into practice is intelligent, but to market it is smart.

So, why don’t you make a smart move with Push Notifications Marketing Strategy? Here is my take on a few applications that are utilizing push notifications to promote their products.

1. Zomato:

My top pick is this food-delivering application which is the boss in utilizing the services of push notifications.

Push notifications are used by Zomato as part of its marketing plan. The app notifies users who have chosen to get notified about deals and limited-time specials. Based on the user's location, choices, and previous purchases, the notifications get customized.

The loving part of this application is, it sends out an assortment of amusing push notifications every day.

2. Ajio:

This application is for fashion and lifestyle companies, which includes trends from around the world.

In my opinion, this is one step ahead of other applications. Also offers an accessible selection of prices for each person.

It notifies customers via Push Notifications that contain offers, and it also sends popups that resemble price drops.

What delights customers more than price reductions and discounts? It's a wise decision to use push notifications in that manner.

3. BookMyShow:

The first ticketing consolidator is this application.

BookMyShow got launched by Bigtree Entertainment which is running effectively all over India.

The application makes the best use of push notifications by describing the plot of the story.

The plot engages the viewer, creating an urge to watch the movie right away, which is so innovative.

4. Spotify:

One of the go-to options for music lovers is conquering the world with its digital music, podcasts, and video service.

Spotify, this application is also providing access to scores of songs from artists globally.

Its strategy of sending push notifications is attractive.

It takes a lot of work to compile each person's preferences, create a playlist, and then send this music through push notifications.

Spotify does it measuring the audience field of interest with the support of push notifications.

5. Blinkit:

An Invariable Grocery delivery application that stood out of the crowd is Blinkit.

As implied by the name, groceries will get delivered in a 10-minute window, something no other application offers.

Coming to the mechanism that Blinkit follows to send push notifications is applaudable.

The application creates its push following timings like it represents our needs in the notification.

You may follow Push Notification Best Practices that provide an outline for generating leads.

Wrapping Note:

Having resources is insufficient for survival, those who know how to use them prosper. The applications described above did it successfully and saw fruitful results.

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Hope this writing is informative, stay tuned for more!