Push notifications and emails are the channels to communicate with the users. They establish an interactive bond between the company website and the users. Though these two are medium to deliver the messages to the customers they differ in their effectiveness.

The most common difference is the length. Emails are lengthy and time-consuming to read. Push notifications are small (less than 50 characters) and do not take much of the customers’ time to read. Push Notifications deliver exact and specific messages to the users.

Emails on the other hand are lengthy and fill the inbox of users which causes the inconvenience. They are easily ignored and never opened with many of these kinds of promotional emails are spammed automatically by the machine. The chances of reaching your messages to the audience are very minimal in such a case.

Push notifications are small crisp messages that target the specific audience with their accurate alerts and updates. They help in user engagement and retains the customers. 

There are various advantages of push notifications over the emails. The graphical representation below represents a few of them.

Push Notifications vs. Email


  •   The deliverability rate of push notifications is 90%
  •   Push Notifications have 7x click-through rate than emails
  •   93% User retention with the segmentation feature in Push Notifications
  •   Almost 60% of users agree to receive push notifications
  •   70% feel that push notifications are useful
  •   The ignore percentage for Push Notifications is as low as 8%

The above-listed points show that push notifications are quite effective when compared to emails. They help in increasing user engagement and retention.

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Image source and credit: https://www.freepik.com/free-vector/email-campaign-concept-illustration_7472011.htm#page=1&query=email%20marketing&position=0