Since Valentine’s week is here, everyone looks for the best deals or offers, shopping, gifts, restaurants, and travel, etc. to present and engage with their loved ones. Here’s the best opportunity to send free push notifications, notifying the users with the best offers, and spreading some love!

Send push messages that the users love and engage with them in the right way! 

Here are a few ideas to leverage Valentine’s week with Push Campaigns:

1. Last-minute offers

Many people hog onto purchasing gifts at the last moment. A free push notification at the correct time would act as a reminder to them. It would help in skyrocketing the sales and a perfect re-engagement tool to notify the users. And, of course, to save their lovely relationships.


A push notification can save relationships
A push notification can save relationships
A push notification can save relationships

2. Restaurant deals for Valentine’s foodies!

Food is love, and when it comes to having food with your loved ones, it is nothing more than a perfect meal. By sending push notifications to the subscribers on the cheesy, hot and spicy deals will make the subscribers have an ideal day out with the special one. 

Here’s the Hook- If the users are happy, then the retention is higher than ever!


Love is nothing but having a good meal.
Love is nothing but having a good meal- A Swiggy deal

3. Travel ticketing discounts

Sending push messages to the users on special days will, indeed, create a lot of engagement. Help the users find the best travel deal and limited time offer on this Valentine’s day. Here, using the Audience Segmentation feature, The websites can segment the users based on location and target them with the right deals in personalized push messages. 

4. Engage them with love

The campaigns might vary from industry to industry but, the agenda to send free push notifications are the same. Increase your user engagement by sending highly-personalized push notifications. Provide the users with the right messages and information at the right time and make their Valentine’s week a special one.

EarnKaro sends a Valentine’s deal
  EarnKaro sends Valentine’s deal.

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