How “”– Wellness & Lifestyle community makes use of Truepush to Re-target and Re-engage its users as shared in an interview 

Agnim Gupta, Director Of Business Development at Amrutam Pharmaceuticals

Interview with Agnim Gupta, Director Of Business Development at Amrutam Pharmaceuticals

1. What is your website? What was your intention for starting it? Amrutam pharmaceuticals is a herbal product manufacturing company and was established in 2006. We reinvented ourselves as a brand in 2017, bringing it online to build a strong connect with our community. We are a wellness brand that strongly believes and endorses the idea “Health is Beauty.”

Amrutam is an Ayurveda, Wellness & Lifestyle community.
Amrutam is an Ayurveda, Wellness & Lifestyle community.

2. What is the unique problem are you trying to solve? 

Keeping “Health is Beauty” as our mantra – Amrutam’s recipes have been developed by modifying the ancient wisdom in Vedas & Ayurvedic Principles to suit the needs of a Modern Lifestyle.

3. How the number of website visitor matters to you? 

More than the number of visitors, I guess what matters to us the most is how are we able to engage the visitors coming on our website to become a part of the community irrespective of they buying the products or not.

4. What are the different ways of growth or marketing channels you’re trying to get more visitors on the website? 

Social Media Marketing, Personalised Emails, SMS, etc.

5. How are push notifications important to reach that growth? 

Push notification is a great additional channel of connecting with members who opt-in for the notifications in a way that engages the user without taking much of their time as it can be seen on the browser itself.

6. How do you plan your push notifications? Any specific strategies/goals you’ve planned around it and why? 

We plan to notify users through AUTOMATED push notifications when:
1. Visitors read our blogs by sending them similar blog recommendations
2. They abandon their cart by sending them reminders through Push, SMS, and Email.
3. When Users engage on the website with different components like a test (, we want to notify them of different medicines that could help.
4. When they use the points from their wallet.

7. How is Truepush helping you achieve these goals? 

It’s only been a few months and we definitely see a change in how user engagement has increased in a certain way. Though the click rate is not as high as it should be, we are more than happy that we are able to reach so many subscribers for FREE compared to other mediums or channels.

8. Any feature you want in the future that can help you and why?  

More of Automation and If we can get basic user data like email, phone, social media profiles possibly.

9. Any feature you want to remove and feel is not so good?

Nothing. All is good.

10. Any feedback for the product and for the Truepush team? 

I loved the way you guys are working. Feels more like a family or a community when working with a team like yours.
One common question we receive from our clients is what bidding strategy should you use to maximize the number of visitors to your website?

Push notifications do not have any bidding system. Unlike Google ads or any other PPC model, push notifications are charged on the basis of subscribers count. The Truepush push notification is the free push platform which provides all the services free for up to 1 lakh subscribers.

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