Everyone is getting a lot of options for everything even in the niche of markets. With literally hundreds of sources bombarding them with information through offline ads, online ads, content from their Whatsapp groups, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, News, friends, and family, you need to keep your product useful and make it habit-forming. Unless it happens, users won’t be re-engaging with your website and will forget you soon. You will be spending a lot of money on acquiring new users again.

As per one study, it is 17 times costlier to acquire a new customer than to re-engage an existing user for the same ROI. Looking at the products you are already using, if you are habituated to WhatsApp, you would not prefer to go and chat much on other apps. If you are habituated to buying on Amazon, you will keep buying from them and would be a loyal customer instead of Amazon trying to acquire you as a new customer every time. If you start trusting a doctor, you will go to them again when the need arises even if it is after a long period of time. Irrespective of the interval or price, when a customer gets habituated with a product or service, they will come back to the same brand/person again and again.

Push notifications can be a low-cost and higher engagement generation medium for you than other re-engagement channels. Following is a step-by-step guide for you to make use of push notifications.

Step by Step guide to making your Push Notifications work

Here are 5 steps that will help you get more re-engagements from your users.

Make great product

There is no substitute for making a great product. If you are a news website and the content is not good, your readers will go elsewhere. If you are an E-commerce website and you have a pathetic service, your customers will buy from elsewhere. Your customers don’t owe you anything and are pretty ruthless in making choices. They will leave you without giving you a hint. Your choice? Make a great and engaging product and they will stick with you for very long, they will become your evangelists and your growth will come from them. Once you have a great product, you can use emails or push notifications to remind and re-engage them with you using Truepush. 

Create external Triggers using push notifications

Nir Eyal, the author of the book – Hooked explains the habit-forming cycle.

The Hook Model

For creating a habit-forming product your 1st step is to create an internal or external trigger.

Now you must be wondering what is trigger meaning? 

Triggers are some important updates that pop up based on certain user actions. These actions could be anything from browsing a specific web page or exploring the pricing plans. And, brands leverage this data to send meaningful triggers.

If you get bored and open Facebook, your internal trigger is boredom, but how does Facebook make this possible? Facebook found that if someone is logging in to the website 13 times, they are going to stick to the platform for a lifetime so they put all their efforts to make it happen through emails initially reminding them about each activity that happens on their feed with emails and now through notifications too.

Quora asks you repeatedly to opt-in for their notification service, they went so far as to show it in their notification feed on the top along with other general updates. Go to Economic Times, Product Hunt, or any major websites and you will find them asking you to opt-in for push notifications. It is very clear you are getting lost in a lot of information and so does your customer. Great companies know that they need to re-engage their users and do everything possible to retain them.

Push notification as external trigger meaning(and why it’s better than email)

To create internal triggers you need to make your customers come to your site enough times so it becomes a habit and they themselves come even without external triggers(though you need to keep sending them to have the recall even after your customer’s habit is formed). Though the discussion is about push notifications, I want to give you a fair idea about why push notification is better than emails at re-engagement. Here are five points why you should rely more on push notifications than on emails

  • Push Notifications have 5-10X better opt-in rates than email
  • Push Notification has better click rates because of its short, crisp and immediate call to action.
  • Customers Opt-in for getting push notifications while for emails it may or may not be the case.
  • For browser push notifications, notifications appear immediately once you are online. For App Notifications, it goes instantly. On the other hand, a user can see an email once they open the inbox. Even when he is in the inbox, it will be amidst the noise of so many emails and most of the time your emails end up in updates tab or in spam, you need to work hard on them.
  • Showing push notification is instant and grabs immediate attention while emails do not have the same charm.

I am not asking you to not collect emails IDs and do campaigns. All I’m saying is email campaigns are valuable and whenever a channel is giving you conversions you need to keep doing it but adding push notifications along with your existing email campaigns will give you 5-10X results in conversion.

Send Contextual Notifications

After understanding the trigger meaning and usage, it’s important to understand the relevancy of push notifications. If you are an e-commerce website and sending users notifications 3 times a day, it forces them to opt out however News websites send 3-5 times a day.

If it is election time, people expect the news websites to send more notifications. When New year or some festival is coming, people love to hear about new offers and discounts and they expect you to send them. If they buy a Sports shirt, you can always remind them about your sports shorts or shoes because it is very contextual and probably they are looking to buy more sports gear.

Use Rich Media for Push Notifications

People like to be visual in nature especially when it comes to notifications, you are grabbing their attention very quickly. Rich Push Notifications will work great for you. Keep images in your notifications and tell them about your new products, discount codes, wishing them on festivals. Grab every opportunity to send a notification that you can send in a new context.

PS: You can get the highest ROI using Truepush, it is free for both mobile and web push notifications, all features forever.

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