Retention rate is the crucial KPI to observe growth in website traffic or revenue. To increase this rate push notification is the best engagement tool. 

To help websites with this, we have a free web push notification service with access to all advanced features. Websites can send unlimited push notifications with Truepush to their subscribers. We have assisted over 42K+ websites to engage and retain their users.

Unlike other push notification services in the market, Truepush provides access to all features with free push service plan without any hidden charges. These features assist websites in sending relevant and timely push notifications to subscribers.

Features of Truepush, free push notification service

Let’s see the list of features in this free web push tool that will help you to send updates and recommendations. 

Intelligent Segmentation:

Segmenting audiences is an important factor in any marketing campaign. The website owners can tailor push messages to a particular group of subscribers. This practice will improve the relevancy of your push notifications and increases the view and click rate.

With Truepush free push service plan you can access this segmentation feature. Websites can divide their subscribers according to various characteristics like region, last interaction, subscription dates, browsers, OS and more. This feature will also help them to learn more about visitors’ needs and helps in updating the platform or services.

For suppose you want to send push notifications for brazil users. With our free push service, you can segment audiences under the location attribute. Now, push relevant notifications and create interest among subscribers.

Automated Push Notifications:

Automating push notifications will save a lot of effort and time. Websites can make a periodic appearance which increases brand awareness and open rate. This feature is advantageous for blogging, news & entertainment websites where they have new updates every hour. 

To send these automated push notifications, simply add your website RSS feed in the Truepush RSS to Push feature. The push templates are formed automatically using the tiles and meta descriptions. You can choose the audience segment to target and choose the delay between push notifications and RSS push campaign expiry time.

Triggers to Remind:

Send push notifications at specific timing and frequency using Triggers. This will draw the user’s attention, reminds them about the brand and creates urgency. You can choose the segment of audiences and push templates. Truepush provides this feature in free push notifications service plan. Websites can create “n” number of triggers to automate their push notifications. 

Schedule Notifications:

You can not ignore the push notifications timing factor while targeting users from different regions. Delivering push notifications at inappropriate timing can make you miss the opportunity of reaching potential users out there. Sometimes it can also be annoying and increase the website churn rate. 

You can avoid this by using Truepush, free push notification service. Websites can schedule push notifications while creating a campaign for the desired date and time. For instance, a website based in India wants to push notifications for France region. The website owners can create push campaigns and schedule them according to the location timings.

Achievements of Truepush Push Service

Truepush has achieved many milestones in its phenomenal journey of helping websites to engage their users. It is one of the fastest-growing websites in the push notification industry. With the new updates regularly, we are looking forward to multiplying the growth and enhancing our push service.

At present, Truepush has achieved 42K+ clients from all over the world majorly from India, Brazil, Russia, Spain, the UK, the United States and others. According to the increase in our client number, we are scaling up our service to provide better service. Now we are capable of sending 1.5 Billion push notifications per day with a 100% delivery rate. 

Stats of Truepush Users from Different Regions

Launched in 2019, Truepush began with the small thought of helping websites to reach their users. Now, we have clients from all over the world with websites from all niche categories. It includes primarily news & entertainment, educational, job portals and online services.

Our free push service receives a high percentage of users from India which is 55%, and second from Brazil with 11%. We also have Russia and Pakistan push service users of 8% and 3% respectively. And we observe 2% from the United States, and Bangladesh and 1% from Germany and the Philippines. These numbers are exponentially increasing every month, and so is our expansion. 

Bottom Lines

Push notifications are recognized as the primary engagement and marketing tool in the present day digital marketing world. With its high efficiency of click, view and open rate, the websites can retain effectively when compared to traditional marketing channels. Unlike other pop-ups or banners, these push notifications will not interfere with website UI and reach even if users are not on the website or app. To pull off all these advantages you need an effective push notification tool. Check our free push service Truepush and join the list of our clients who are successful in engaging and retaining visitors.