Interview with Shishu Raj Pandey, Founder of OffCampusJobs4u 

About OffCampusJob4u:

OffCampusJobs4u provides the latest job updates to young graduates. This website is an effort to reach millions of job seekers every day with the latest job information. Here is an interview with Offcampusjobs4u sharing experience on how they reached diverse users, increased conversion, and implemented re-engagement strategies using Truepush.

Interview with Shishu Raj Pandey,Founder,Offcampusjobs4u
Interview with Shishu Raj Pandey, Founder, Offcampusjobs4u

What is your website? Can you narrate us the story behind building it? (What is the unique problem you’re trying to solve) is the job portal website for Technical Graduates in India. At we are focused to provide the latest Off-Campus Job updates and job opportunities to our viewers. was officially launched in May 2016 but within a short period, we have grown to become one of the most visited Job Information Websites in India for Freshers.

What are the various growth or marketing channels you’re trying to get more visitors on the website?

We use different kinds of marketing channels such as Email Marketing, Push Notifications, Telegram Channel, Google Search, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Do you think customer retention is crucial for businesses? How do push notifications help in it?

We at believe that customer retention is important to any growing company because it measures not only how successful they are at acquiring new customers, but how successful they are at satisfying existing customers. And Of course, push notifications help a lot in bringing your users back to your website through timely notifications.

How do you plan out your push notification strategy? What are the parameters you consider while building it?

For the Job portal website like, having a good push notification strategy is very important. We send around 4 Job notifications per day to our users that result in more engagement, more subscribers and less unsubscribes.

What is the most used push notification feature, and how has it helped you in getting more conversion rates?

The most used feature of Truepush for us is scheduling notifications at a time interval. This helps us in getting healthy traffic on our website throughout the day.

How long have you been using Truepush, and how is it helping you achieve your business goals?

We have been using Truepush for more than two months now. Truepush, being a Free-Forever Service provider is helping us a lot to get the visitors to come back to the website, and the traffic keeps growing. Many thanks to Truepush.

Truepush Analysis

Using Truepush, is able to schedule their notifications at proper intervals. This has ensured they have steady traffic to their website throughout the day. The periodical notifications sent ensure continuous customer engagement and have brought back many visitors. They have seen steady growth in traffic and attribute this success to Truepush.

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