About Jobs at Gulf:

Jobs at gulf is a website that provides walk-in interviews in India for abroad jobs. They provide complete contact information on the respective job position to the jobseekers.Jobsatgulf.org has an Alexa global rank of 297,968 and ranks the 24,286th in India.

What is your website? Can you narrate to us the story behind building it? (What is the unique problem you’re trying to solve)

How Segments and RSS notifications helped Jobs at Gulf

We are using Truepush for https://jobsatgulf.org. Jobsatgulf provides walk-in interviews in India for abroad jobs. Jobsatgulf is so transparent to jobseekers it provides vacancies with complete contact details. jobseekers can directly contact with a licensed recruitment consultancy. job seekers can easily discuss their required jobs. Jobsatgulf provides daily 100+ vacancy details for abroad.

What are the various growth or marketing channels you’re trying to get more visitors on the website?

We are using Facebook pages, groups, and Android app to increase visitors to the website

Do you think customer retention is crucial for businesses? How do push notifications help in it?

Yes, customer retention is very important for businesses. In this case, truepush is helped to get fast notifications to subscribers. so subscribers will happy with the latest information

How do you plan out your push notification strategy? What are the parameters you consider while building it?

We are planning to increase our subscriber rate and maintaining CTR

What is the most used push notification feature, and how it helped you in getting more conversion rates?

We use buttons it helps to get more conversion rate

How long have you been using Truepush, and how is it helping you achieve your business goals?

Past one month we are using Truepush. It helps us to increase traffic to our website

Any feedback for the product and the Truepush team?

Yes, app push is a major requirement for Truepush to beat competitors in the market. It’s a major drawback for Truepush.

Truepush Analysis:

Truepush Analysis

Jobsatgulf.org receives approximately 10,613 unique visitors each day.

Jobsatgulf uses RSS to Push and Simple Notifications to send quick, easy information to their subscribers

RSS to Push

Jobsatgulf uses Segments to target certain places and send accurate information to their subscribers.


Finally, Jobsatgulf uses Truepush free push notification service to gain subscribers, CTR, and conversion rate.

We at Truepush are developing app push and it will be live soon.

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