“Client is god, Customer is god: a new strategy that we need to learn” –  Ravitheja Mungara, Business head at NDTV

About the speaker

Ravitheja Mungara, who has over 10+ years of experience in Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Product development & Business development is Presently the business head at NDTV Convergence.

The journey

“At the beginning, I worked with various IT companies and started with NDTV in 2012, I handled south division for NDTV as a manager. We handled mobile websites, app, and content and I took care of the total south division. With this podcast you get to know how we used marketing technologies to push news to readers.

Do not trouble readers but empower them

“Bombarding a customer is definitely going to check him out. You should neither send too many notifications nor push him to a corner, by giving him space to make a choice on his own. There are so many categories it is a clustered space. By observing his choices the push notifications should be sent.” 

Thoughts on specific targeting on user data

“When you segregate or when you do R&D, everything has R&D and strategy lined up. It’s pretty simple, abiding by what the customer needs, and enhancing it will help him stay and use our services.” He further explains with interesting and fun examples.

“There is no rocket science, you just have to understand your customer and his needs.”

Evolution of Push notifications

“From push, we have converted customers into pull. Initially, we never gave the customer an option to choose. We only gave him what we had but it’s not the same case now. Eventually, technology evolved and the scenario changed. Media houses also have various options with different languages and the categories of news.”

People always want to know what’s happening around

“People are really news savvy in India. So we have introduced a product in line for the mobile division to push news to readers. With this you can listen to your regional news or you can connect to live news which is running on TV. This had a good impact on the metros, that way no one will ever miss out on breaking news. It will be sent as an SMS or a notification.”

“News is now just a call away”

About Customer and Retention

“We look into customers’ behavioral patterns. Is he in the system or has he gone out? We then ask him to take news for free for a while and then to opt-in again. We see to it that the customer is in the subscription model, if not we will engage him for pay per use model.”

In conclusion, he says “Everything will not come to your hand from day one but give it your best shot and always be true to yourself and the customer.”

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