With a lot of debates going around on whether SEO is dead or alive, in today’s world – SEO has become more important than ever before with organic search responsible for 53% of all the website traffic online. SEO and organic search are here to stay and pave the way towards unlimited successful opportunities and careers in SEO marketing. 

Let us find out more about SEO and its scope for the people who want to grab SEO marketing jobs

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has evolved over the past decade, from the time the first website was created to millions of websites being created every day. With search engines becoming every household name and families connecting with the world over the Internet to find information with greater ease. The problem all of us face is finding quality information upfront on search result pages. This is where SEO paved its path towards ranking websites based on best-practice techniques. 

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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques, and tactics used to increase the number of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine (SERP) – including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

Importance and Scope of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Based on a study from BrightEdge – “Organic search is responsible for 53% of all site traffic to a website whereas with paid search it accounts for only 15% of site traffic”. This data shows the importance of SEO in order to rank websites.

  • As per Google’s Algorithm, a structured/optimized site will be ranked high and increases the number of visitors to the website. 
  • Search Engine Optimization has many advantages over other forms of digital marketing and it should be as an investment rather than cost. 
  • SEO helps in lead generation and boosts conversions. It is a cost-effective technique to build the website’s authority and reputation.

Let us now take a deep dive into how to start a career in SEO marketing.

Why choose Search Engine Optimization (SEO ) as a career? 

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Choosing SEO as your Career. (Image source)

  • SEO is an evolving trend today

With an increase in digital usage around the world, the market demand to reach out to target audiences online is increasing and the only way business can target an audience is through the digital marketing i.e., SEO (organic and paid). This means, SEO will be evolving and the best career option in the coming years.

  • SEO is Dynamic and Evolving 

The scope of SEO is very broad and will continue to evolve as there are always dynamic changes in the field of Digital Marketing. SEO marketing is for someone who does not like a monotonous workstyle and passionate to learn about ever-changing methods in the online world.

  • Every Brand and Business needs SEO

Various recent studies suggest that SEO will be an important marketing tool for generating leads and acquiring new customers. It has forced almost every company to invest more in SEO leading to increased demand for SEO professionals in India.

  • Freelancing and startups

India has the second-highest population of freelancers in the world- an estimated 18 million to 20 million. Digital marketing is projected to become the fastest growing industry in India. Therefore, there is a high demand for SEO freelancers and startups.

  • Flexibility and High paid jobs

According to the Times of India (ToI), Digital Marketing areas such as Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media, and Analytics will create more than 1.5 Lakh jobs with a starting salary range of Rs 4.5-5.5 Lakh in the coming years. SEO can give the flexibility of working from anywhere as there are numerous highest paid job roles for SEO. 

Following are the tips to become SEO freelancer and kickstart a career in SEO marketing:

  • Take Paid or Unpaid Internships

Paid or unpaid internships are the best way to acquire and fine-tune the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skills. It gives a real-time opportunity to learn SEO and get some hands-on experience in digital marketing. But these aren’t just enough to become an SEO expert. An internship of three to six months can also provide vital experience in performing SEO under pressure and meeting deadlines. 

  • Get International Certifications

There are 12 to 14 international certifications available for digital marketing from top companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Hubspot, and others. The advantage of getting these international certifications are 

      • Upgrading the skills 
      • Creating an authentic profile on a job portal or own website which speaks about skills and certificates
  • Networking

It is important to start building a LinkedIn profile and join the professional networking platforms to find high-paid job roles and creating a network of SEO professionals that can help in finding bigger freelance opportunities around the world.

Conclusion: A career in SEO marketing will enhance an individual’s capabilities, explore career opportunities, and allow learning of growing online technologies in the digital world.

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