Push notifications are a great way to reach audiences with high open and click rates is never is an overstatement. It is because of the push marketing potential to reach audiences instantly with effective and eye-catching push messages. But the catch here is the opt-in rate of push notifications. 

The positive impact of this marketing channel is effective over customers only when they accept to receive your push messages. It is key for engaging customers in the initial state and retaining them in long term. However, according to stats, the opt-out rate ranges between 60%-20% according to the website or app category. 

To ensure that you get all benefits of the push marketing channel the websites should encourage subscribers to stay connected. But we need to watch out for any increase in the opt-out rate and fix it. For this, we need to first know the reasons users opt out of push notifications.

Reasons Users Opt-Out of Push Notifications

Irrelevant Push Notifications

A survey states that 78% of users receive irrelevant push notifications and this can make them feel discomfort. Notifications are meant to interrupt users and drag their attention. But this interruption can’t be irrelevant and annoy them. Websites should weigh the push campaigns before sending them to subscribers.

Everyday people come across many apps and websites but they won’t like to get every small change in the website as a push notification. This also depends on the industry type. For example, users will like to get every website update from an entertainment website but not from an astrology website or application.

You can’t send irrelevant notifications and validate the strategy for push notification opt-out rate. This affects your brand trust, integrity and relationship with the users. Alternatively, you can plan user relevant push campaigns with personalization and increase your engagement and conversions.

For instance, a ride-sharing app sends notifications whenever a contact of you saves extra money on taking a ride. This can be a trick to make you use promotional offers but can be disturbing. Instead, you can push personalized promotional offers that can give more clicks.

In the other case, a fashion website sends push notifications about the latest blog additions which are more useful and relevant to the users.

Receiving Too Many Messages

A survey says that sending too many push notifications per day can increase your opt-out rate to 40% but pushing relevant notifications can decrease this to 5%. However, pushing excess irrelevant notifications everyday from any marketing channel can annoy your users.

With an effective free web push notification service, you can maintain the frequency of push messages based on your industry and subscribers. You can know your user’s tolerance by conducting A/B testing and adapting accordingly. We have conducted a survey to take away the industry-wise best frequency and timings of push notifications.

For example, a health & fitness app has to send many push notifications every day to remind its users of data entering, food & water intake, etc. But a blogging website is recommended to send one notification per day.

With push services like Truepush, you can configure the expiry time for automated push campaigns to avoid pushing more notifications.

No Value in Push Notifications

Any previous bad experience with push notifications can make users block them from other apps. To overcome this you need to add value to your push messages with useful updates for the users. Know your user preferences, search behavior, customer journey level and more. 

Targeting users at right time with the right messages will definitely improve the success rate of your push campaigns. Avoid pushing only promotional notifications which can increase your opt-out rate. You can send push notifications of the latest app updates, upcoming products or services and more. You can add a bit of humor to your promotional push messages to make a connection with users.

For example, 

Observe the push notification sent from a grocery delivery app

Bring out your creative lines that can attract your users and inspire them to take action.

Push Messages are not Timely

Another common mistake in the push notifications strategy that can increase the opt-out rate is mistiming. The push notification timings vary on the geographical area and industry type. 

Think about this, a food delivery app sends a push notification of a special discount on midnight cravings around 11 PM. But this timing doesn’t work for the website to push notifications about the app update. On the other hand, you can not send push notifications to Indian and United States users at the same time to reach audiences which is because of the geographical time difference.

So, to avoid push notification timing mistakes you can use the schedule notifications feature in the web push notification service to reach users at the right time and improve the push campaign success rate. 

Not Personalized

These days users are not interested in personalization but they demand it. Lack of this factor in your marketing campaigns can decrease engagement and increase the push notification opt-out rate. Research says that businesses can observe a 10%-15% increase in revenue with personalized marketing messages.

With the increased marketing automation techniques, you can easily push tailored messages to target the right audience. Use our reliable web push service to segment users and personalize push notifications.

For example, receiving the offer or discount code on favorite products or brands on the notification panel grabs the user’s attention to take an action. Personalization not only decreases the opt-in rate but also increases the click and open rate.

Not Interested In the Brand

It is one of the common reasons for increasing your push notifications opt-out rate. Even after planning every marketing strategy perfect, you observe the churn rate in the subscribers. In such a case, you need to analyze the issue on a deeper level and improve your products and services.


Here you have gone through all the possible reasons for the increase in the push notifications opt-out rate. But ruling out this factor can affect your marketing strategy in building communication with your customers. Try to analyze the reasons and optimize to decrease your churn rate. Along with this, it is also important to keep an eye on your push notifications opt-in rate.