Upsurge your business by a contemplating conversation with Aditi Nayar, Founder and Creative Marketing Partner at The Leaf

“There has to be a striking balance between Visual & Content”- Aditi Nayar

Aditi Nayar is the founder and Creative Marketing Partner at The Leaf. She is an experienced Social Media Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry. Aditi Nayar is a skilled professional in areas like Film Direction, Photography, Customer Relationship Management, Art, and Art Direction. She has experience of 8 years in digital marketing working with multiple brands in different industries like Swiggy, HealthifyMe, The Red Bangle Film, etc. 

The Leaf: Transform your online presence 

The Leaf is an Independent creative agency transforming the way brands are seen online through social media, digital marketing, branding, design, and video. It was founded in the year 2019. In a world going digital is a must and marketing – a powerful tool for every business out there, The leaf helps businesses to take that first step or add another staircase to your foundation. “It all begins with an idea”. Whether you are looking to launch a business or turn a hobby into a profession, share your talents with the world. Whatever your need, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference. And that’s where The Leaf hits the bullseye. 

A Quick Glimpse

The discussion started with Aditi explaining how the digital world has transformed over the years. Especially in 2020, Digitization has taken a pretty big hit due to the Covid pandemic. It has accelerated the speed of digital switch-over as every business is now focusing on online presence. Different brands have cut down their offline marketing tactics and are executing more digitized strategies for their businesses. Many creative agencies in the market have quickly grasped the scent of growing trends and have adapted ever so steadily. 

The conversation moves further, where Aditi talks about how the technology is at its feet. Every day you can find smarter and faster ways of online advertising right at the doorstep. Skipping back in time, where it took too long to make a huge impact in the market with your ad, now we find ourselves in a digital age where that is not the case. Capitalizing on trends instantly is the key to success. Aditi inspires us to keep looking to create content at a faster pace, that falls in line with the ideas that are floating around at blazing speeds. Aditi also shares her thoughts on what she thinks is more important in marketing, keeping the customers in mind.

She believes that visual and content need to go hand in hand to bring that balance and to keep the customers absorbed. Matching today’s standardwhere the market is content-driven and a lot of thought being put into the visual platform. 

As the conversation reaches its peak, we learn about the challenges, a world where young minds are driving the entire industry, where new ideas are putting companies right at the top of the trend bar. To survive in these high waves and surf along the shore, Aditi believes that creating revolutionary and engaging content every now and then, while maintaining consistency is the key to stay at the forefront. For moremoving experiences head over to our podcasts library, wherebusiness is coupled with motivation.

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