Tune in to an exclusive podcast with Vibhu Agarwal, CEO at ULLU.
All things start small and failure is the stepping stone to success.“- Vibhu Agarwal, CEO at ULLU

Mr. Vibhu Agarwal is a live example of these. A businessman by blood, though his core business is in construction steel, his curiosity and desire to learn led to the rise of the widely accepted on-demand streaming platform. Listen to an inspiring conversation with Mr. Vibhu Agarwal, CEO, ULLU.

ULLU app is a video streaming service that offers a wide variety of genres from drama, horror suspense, thriller to comedy, and beyond. It is a perfect app for binge-watching your favorite shows and movies in your preferred regional language.

Summary of Ullu Truepush podcast

Vibhu explains his entrepreneurial journey from the time he entered the entertainment zone in 2011. He speaks to us about his relentless efforts to make a mark in this industry and his learnings through the journey.

Vibhu talks about his undeterred dedication to realizing his dreams. He explains how it is almost a prerequisite for an entrepreneur to understand his product and its market fromroots level. Vibhu has strived and created the wonderful OTT platform provided on ULLU with original content.

As the conversation continues, he shared with us the nuances of content consumption. Also how ULLU ensures they engage with their customers on a constant and periodical basisto retain their loyalty.

During the discussion in Ullu Truepush podcast, he voiced his inputs about Video-on-Demand in the Indian market, andstrategiesULLU follows to compete. Being a realistic dreamer and the plans that he has for the future. He also talks about how the future might change, for which they are equipped as well. We further discussed the importance of vernacular content to relate to the customers. Also about the various other platforms and ventures which are in store for ULLU.

The conversation ends with his inputs on how one should accept, analyze, and learn from the failures and use this as the ladder to climbthe next level. Vibhu Agarwal believes most answers often lie in the steps of failure. Vibhu signs off with his valuable thought on “The last one in the bunch of keys is the right key to unlock the door to success”

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