So, you just developed and launched a WordPress plugin and theme; now it’s time to get the reward that you deserve. However, it’s not that easy; developing and launching a plugin and theme is just the beginning. You need to bring your product to your potential customer through promotion or marketing.

But, the plugins and themes marketplace is really competitive, and only a good promotional strategy can help you out. So, how to promote WordPress plugins and themes and tell the world that your plugin and theme exist?

Well, in this guide, we will take you to the methods of promoting your WordPress plugins and themes effectively. So, without any further ado, let’s get down to business.

How To Promote WordPress Plugins And Themes

The first thing you need to do after developing your plugin and theme is to create a solid and detailed promotional plan. Also, you need to make sure to set appropriate goals based on your promotional plans.

Typically, there are two types of promotional methods for promoting WordPress plugins and themes, for example-

  • On-site promotional methods: Includes creating a dedicated website, landing page, content marketing, affiliate programs, social media marketing, email marketing, etc.
  • Off-site promotional methods: this method includes outreach to other website owners & influencers, using plugin directories, writing guest blogs, and getting your product reviewed by others.

So, let’s see how to promote WordPress plugins and themes in the most effective ways.

1. Create A Dedicated Website

Often, some developers don’t create any website dedicated to their plugins and themes, as they are already selling their products in different marketplaces. But, it;’s a great disadvantage when it comes to promoting the products.

Let’s see a real-time example; the Truepush notification plugin is one of the best plugins to integrate sending push notifications to unlimited subscribers. You can take it as a perfect example to see how this plugin is presented in its dedicated website, which is a great promotional method.

In fact, with the help of the dedicated website of a plugin and theme, it becomes really easy to implement the content and email promotional marketing strategies. Therefore, having a dedicated plugin and theme website is essential if you want to develop a strong brand value for your products and services.

2. Build A Smart Landing Page

A well-optimized landing page is a must to promote your plugins and themes. And while building a landing page for your WordPress theme and plugin, you must consider AIDA, which is the most widely used model of customer behavior. It implies, Awareness or Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action that helps customers to make a decision.

Now, let’s see the other aspects that you must include in your landing page structure.

  • Showcase your unique offering through your simple but catchy title and subtitles.
  • One of the most crucial aspects is using the call to action. Help your customers to understand that your product is worth using and lead them to click the CTA button.
  • Use some highly professional and creative images that resonate with your landing page’s title and subtitles.
  • Include all the benefits and features of your plugin and theme in a proper way.  
  • You can gather your social media reviews and ratings, testimonials, positive product reviews to help the new audiences to understand how your product helps the customers.
  • Apart from all these, you can also add your pricing, support, FAQs, etc.

3. Content-Based Promotion

Content is the most important aspect of a plugin and theme promotion. In fact, marketers always consider content as a king that can leverage the exposure of your plugin and theme. Providing articles is an excellent way to attract the visitor’s attention and lead them to your site.

But, you need to make sure that you are offering more informational content and less salesy. Also, you should publish several blog posts which include issues that your plugin and theme can solve.

Apart from that, you can also write about other great plugins or themes on your website. For example, the best wordpress review plugin, and you need to include your own plugin into this guide as a way to solve any problem.

4. Provide Documentation and Video Tutorials

You must provide documentation of your theme and plugin as well the video tutorials. Maximum users find these two really helpful when they see the plugin and theme in action. It helps users to understand how they can customize the settings from the backend and how to tweak the features.

5. Get Your Product Reviewed By Professional Authors

According to studies, 88% of customers prefer product reviews before purchasing any product, just like personal recommendations. Therefore, product reviews can help you greatly to promote your plugin and theme. In that case, it will be much better if you can get your WordPress plugin and theme reviewed by a top professional author.

6. Utilize Other Plugin And Theme Directories

You will find numerous directories to host your WordPress plugin and theme. There are both free and paid directories available that can help your potential audience to get advanced insights into your plugin and theme. Also, you can get a highly directed audience to your website by hosting and promoting your plugin and theme into the directories. 

7. Social Media

Social media has a huge source of traffic, and people now spend most of their time on social media. So if you can consistently post relevant and on-point content with your plugins and themes on various social media, you can certainly reach a larger targeted audience and expect more traction.

So make sure you are doing something creative and prolific which will make you stand out from your competitors and helps engage the visitors. You can share real-time examples, show how the plugin and theme customization work, create polls, quizzes, add funny and engaging content on the social media platform.

Additionally, you must use relevant hashtags, put links to your website, offer cross-promotion, etc. And it can be really helpful for SEO too.

8. Start Email Marketing

To reach more and more audiences, you can build an email marketing strategy. You can collect email leads from your users in many ways, for example, through pop-ups, opt-in forms, etc. this way; you can directly communicate with them through their inbox and promote your plugin and theme.

9. Outreach To Other Website Owners & Influencers

It’s more like WordPress product promotion, and it is one of the highly effective options for promoting plugins and themes for newcomers. This method is a great opportunity to get quality backlinks as well as spread your knowledge about your plugin and theme.

While quality backlinks serve as a vote for the credibility of your website, it also helps to pass the link juice (traffic plus authority) from that site to your site. On the other side, outreaching to industry experts and influencers works incredibly to grow your business as well as make your plugin and theme known to people.

Usually, influencers have face value and have a large audience base who trust their recommendations. Thus, it is a great way to promote your WordPress theme and plugin.

But, while outreaching your products to other websites and influencers, you need to make sure the following-

  • You need to identify the relevant and quality website and the right Influencers.
  • Make sure to get the influencer into your marketing strategy.
  • You should set a tracking method so that you can evaluate the results of your outreach campaign.

10. Participation In Forums

Participation in relevant forums and other groups is an effective way to connect with people. From this platform, you can effectively start a discussion, post several questions, and ask feedback to involve people in the conversation.

11. Launch an Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is a great way where other people will promote and sell your plugin and theme for you. Here, someone will promote the products to others for you in exchange for a commission. Also, when you give an affiliate bonus for every sale, your existing customers will also get encouraged to refer your themes and plugins to others even more.

Affiliate program also includes getting press releases on different web development publications, WordPress, and getting other bloggers to review your plugin and theme. 

Are You Ready to Take Your WordPress Plugins/Themes to the Next Level

With the appearance of new technologies, the market is growing and becoming more competitive day by day. Therefore, selling your plugins and themes can be a bit daunting as there are already some of the best products on the market.

However, if your theme and plugin are of good quality and are able to solve the problem of users, then of course, with the perfect promotional strategy, you can bring them to the limelight and expect good sales. So, make sure to consider this guide, and we hope the ideas shown in this how to promote WordPress plugins and themes guide will help you.