You can see push notifications are implemented in every vertical mobile app to stay in continual interaction with users. In this swing investment apps are not exceptional.

We can observe an increase in people’s interest in investments and trading apps including the millennial generation. With smartphones, being a part of everyday life users prefer to have real-time control over their investments anytime and anywhere. It is also the best opportunity for these investment platforms to engage users and build trustful relationships. To meet all these ends every investment and trading portal has introduced mobile applications with a simplified interface.

You can send real-time alerts about user investments, market updates, international economics and more using push notifications.

Why Investment Apps Need to Send Alerts

Recent statistics say that about 9.6 million people trade daily worldwide. Apart from providing effective products and services, you should also reach out to audiences. This will make users stick with your platform and build long-term relationships.

It is possible when you can engage your users with advanced features, good customer service, and optimized product marketing. When it comes to app engagement strategy no tool is more efficient than push notifications.

Why Use Push Notifications for Investment Apps

Push notifications are the best way to captivate your audiences with great results. You can observe the high rate of CTR, engagement, daily traffic, view rate, and more. The unexceptional benefits of push notifications stats give you many reasons to use push messages for your mobile applications.

Minimal Investment

With Truepush, free push notifications tool you can send unlimited push notifications to subscribers for $0 cost with maximum engagement. Whereas, email and text message marketing can be a burden on your budget.

Improve Brand Consistency

Educating users with timely updates reaching their notification panel enhances the user engagement, experience, and trust with the investment app.

Track Analysis

You can continuously track the performance of the push campaigns from the tool dashboard. It will aid in optimizing the campaigns for better results.

Complete Control

The platforms can only push notifications when a user accepts the opt-in prompt from the website. So, the users will have complete control over receiving notifications. The app owners can expect 100% user acceptance if they follow best practices to increase web push notifications opt-in rate and do not annoy users with irrelevant push notifications.

Where Can You Use Push Notifications for Investment Apps?

There will be a lot of noise and changes in trading every hour. There is a high need for investment apps to alert their users of every change that can impact their profits and loss. Here are a few situations where you can use push notifications for investment apps to alert users.

Stock Price Alerts

Investment apps can send price alerts as push notifications for users so they can buy, sell or hold stocks. Investors or traders can watch the prices and get insights from the market fluctuations which is helpful for future trading. But be careful as the changes in the stock market are quite regular, you may end up annoying users with frequent push notifications.

You can customize these push notifications for a user’s chosen threshold value. Investment apps can use push notifications to notify about the daily percentage change, averages, and many other metrics.

Market Updates

Send market updates to the users that help them to change their investment strategy. With the huge uncertainty in the trading, you can expect a high rise or dip in the market at any time. This helps the users to learn more about the market variations.

For example, if you have seen a continuous market dip then you can alert users via push notifications. This alert helps both traders and investors to make a decision about their stocks to make profits.

News Alerts

Any small change in world economics, an outbreak of pandemic or conflict between countries, change of president for a country or a company. All these events will have an impact on the trading and investment of stocks globally.

So, the users will always be interested to know all the updates from worldwide and their effects on trading. The investment apps can send these news alerts using push notifications that assist users to lead progress in their investments. Look after these news alert push notifications because irrelevant updates may annoy your users and create uncertainty with your application.

Percentage Change Since Previous Close

You can send users the specific percentage change from the previous day’s close. This can be handy for users to recognize the big moves, hold or buy stocks relative to prices and identify patterns for certain events in the market. This will be useful for new or untrained traders to know the regular changes in the prices and how it affects the market.

Add Personalization & A/B Testing to Push Notifications

Personalization in push notifications will increase the engagement metrics of marketing campaigns. Know your user’s interests by analyzing their app visits using heat maps and optimizing the personalized notifications. As you have customized these push messages according to their interests you can expect maximum benefits.

Also, adopt A/B testing for your push campaigns to make them more effective. You can attain useful data to cater for your push notifications as per user preferences.


Hope this article is helpful to know why investment apps should send regular updates to the users and how push notifications for investment apps can increase the app engagement. Along with mentioned use cases you can use push notifications to send alerts according to the features available in your investment apps. Interested in implementing push notifications for your investment apps then check Truepush, a push notification provider with all advanced features.