“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”

Everyone likes to feel welcomed. It can be when a client enters your office or a visitor browses your website or install an application.

Gaining an engaging first impression can set the tone for your website and build long-term user relationships. Websites can achieve this with website design, interactive content and welcome notifications.

Smooth and interactive user onboarding experiences improve retention value, decrease acquisition costs and increase traffic and conversions. But we know nothing about these new users and there is high uncertainty of users not visiting the website again or abandoning the application. Along with this, we will have only a few moments to make this first impression.

It is a known fact that web push notifications are growing as a powerful engagement channel used by every online website. In this case, you can’t oversight the welcome push notifications which are the first thing your visitors notice after subscription.

Don’t worry about this, with an experience of serving 39,000+ clients we got you covered with welcome push message examples to engage your new visitors and turn them into audiences.

What is a Welcome Push Message?

Welcome push messages are the first notifications users receive after subscribing to websites or apps. Unlike emails, you receive welcome notifications right on the website which gives more visibility and engagement.

You can observe the push service opt-in to receive updates from the website.

Here you can observe the welcome push notification from the website at the right bottom of the screen.

Websites can customize these welcome push notifications using an efficient push notification tool. You can create a memorable user experience using these automated web push notifications. Wondering how welcome notifications can benefit your website then continue reading this blog.

Benefits of Using Welcome Notifications

Build User Trust

A new visitor to your website expects a welcome push message and you can’t disappoint them. It is the first step to building trust and long-term relationships with your subscribers. Welcome push notifications confirm users their subscription is successful. You can customize these notifications with useful and interactive content to increase click and open rates.

Save Your Time

Send welcome notifications automatically to your new subscribers. You don’t need to continuously track visitors and make connections with them- a tedious and time-consuming process.

As long as you have an automated push notifications service you can sit back and relax about setting welcome notifications. Once you set up welcome notifications, it’s done. Don’t forget to check areas for improvements like content, links, and images often.

Hold Users Attention

With welcome push notifications, you have a minute to talk to attain the user’s attention. You can give them a head start like what type of updates and content is waiting for them down the road. This can make your users excited about your push notifications and click when they receive them.

Curate welcome notifications that provide value to the users like discounts, welcome offers, knowing more about the website and more. This can hold the user’s attention with your push notification service.

Wonderful Onboarding Process

These notifications have the capability of converting your random visitors into returning audiences. Reciprocate for user subscription and give a good start for your user relationship with engaging content in the notifications. This practice also shows you are serious about subscriptions and pushing regular updates to the users.

Examples of Welcome Push notifications

A welcome push message is the one-shot websites have to impress audiences and convince them to come back. So, let us see a few welcome push notification examples for various industries to engage users.

eCommerce Websites

The purpose of eCommerce websites is to provide purchase access anytime and anywhere. A visitor who lands on this type of site browses categories, and products and makes a purchase. It is recommended to compel web push notifications that add value for customers and make their website visits special.

The below examples show websites use welcome notifications

Welcome your subscribers with an amazing discount on their purchases. It attracts the user to visit the app or website and make a purchase. This practice will also increase mouth branding and you can expect an increase in signups.

This type of push notification can retain your users back to the website with the reminder of having a welcome offer in the store.

Websites can also play a referral game with welcome push notifications to increase signups and conversions at a time.

Blog Websites

Your readers will appreciate a warm welcome message when they land on your website. Curate welcome notifications with details of your blog websites, topics you cover, who you are, products services, and more. This can captivate users and make them check your push notifications whenever they receive them.

Observe the below welcome message from a blogging website. It describes what content can users expect from the website.

If you are having a blog website for your product or service. Tell users about the services you offer. For example, a blogging site with SEO tools can send welcome push notifications about the service it offers.

News & Entertainment Websites

People would always love to receive updates on happenings around them. For news and entertainment platforms, push notifications are the best and a powerful way to have continuous communication with users.

Automate your welcome push notifications with Truepush and make them more involved with the website. You can curate notifications with creative intro lines, upcoming events, webinar updates, etc to make them visit the website again.

Job Portal Websites

Sending regular updates about job postings will definitely help seekers and there is no other tool than web push notifications for this job. Websites can segment their audiences as per city and push relevant job notifications to the users. This increases your brand trust, clicks and open rates.

The job portals have a high opt-in rate as it is important to know about the regular postings. So, don’t let your users leave the website without a welcome push notification. You can give a thank you note, discount on updated features, tell them what they will receive and more.

Education Websites

You can highlight your website value and nudge your subscribers with welcome push notifications. Ed-tech websites can include information about courses, first-purchase discounts, free demo sessions available and more.

Best Practices for Welcome Push Notifications

Realtime Welcome Push Notifications

You should send the welcome message right after your visitor subscribes to the service. Push messages right at the moment will have a high click and open rate.

Powerful web push services like Truepush can assist you in sending automated welcome push notifications. You can create the welcome message using images, emojis, user interaction and more.

Include offers, free shipping, special discounts

Who doesn’t like to get an offer on their first visit or purchase from a website?

When sending welcome push messages on time, you can improve success stats by including special offers, discounts, and free shipping. Try to use simple coupon codes, and bold necessary lines to make an immediate impression on the users.

Make them Actionable

Compose actionable welcome push messages to get an immediate response to your notifications. Use words like Click Now, Shop Now, Read Now, Download Now, Watch Now and more.

Also, make sure you don’t push many messages to your users and make them look like spammy notifications. This frequency of push notifications depends upon the industry type, user base, promotion timing and more.

News websites can send multiple web push notifications depending upon the happenings around. In the same way, an eCommerce website can push many push notifications per day during promotions, special sales and offers. This will increase the conversion rate and website traffic.

Consider A/B Testing

Marketing is all about having the right communication with the right audiences at the right time. Try to send multiple formats of welcome push notifications, take time to analyze them and find the working push message format. Also, don’t stick to one format for a long time make regular changes and optimize for your users.

How to Implement Welcome Push Notifications with Truepush

It is very simple and easy to add a welcome push notification with our free push notification service.

  • Login to the Truepush dashboard with your credentials.
  • Click on the setting option on the left side dashboard panel.
  • Now, tap on the action button on the top right side of the dashboard.
  • You can see create welcome notifications at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now, here you can edit the welcome push message details and save them.

Create a welcome campaign with a creative push welcome push message and gain the attention of your users. Use our free push notification service, Truepush to plan welcome push campaigns hassle-free.

Check our push notification tool and send free notifications to your subscribers. Send and engage with unlimited push notifications using advanced features.


With all these advantages, you can’t leave your welcome push notifications behind in engaging users. Try to implement these practices and use cases for your website in implementing the welcome campaign. Never settle for this, always try new and interesting ways and also let us know.