What is the USER MANAGEMENT System?

User Management in simple terms is the ability to empower administrators for user access management to various IT resources. In recent times it has been recognized as the basic security essential for any organization using multiple IT resources.

User management enables the administrator to control the level of access given to any user. They can also decide on who to on-board and off-board, to and from the various IT resources. These IT resources can be systems, devices, applications, storage systems, networks, SaaS services, and more.

The recent trend of adopting cloud-based IAM (Identity and Access Management) has empowered administrators with much greater control over various digital assets. Earlier, it was widely accepted over closed VPNs.

What is the Need for User Management System?

In any organization, there is always a need to protect information from being misused. The advent of user lifecycle management systems ensures certain information is accessible to edit by a select few. This ensures there is accountability for any change or tampering with the information in question.

By defining the limit of access to only those approved, the administrator has better control over the systems and managing users. There is lesser interference from inter-connectivity between departments. For example, an accountant has less use of access to customer feedback used for market research. This ensures the information reaches the right people and only the concerned people.

Likewise, the financial records are of high importance and confidentiality is of high priority. By assigning these to certain users, organizations can ensure their safety.

User access management makes it convenient for the administrator in terms of assigning duties and ownership to various projects. This invariably also imparts motivation and thus enhances performance. It solves the problem by managing user access to various resources at a single point. You can use many user access management tools that help organizations to provide necessary access for employees to user accounts. 

AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud platforms are some of the cloud IaaS which have seen a huge revolution in their operations. Coupled with web applications, users can access more IT resources than ever before, which is why permission management has received such wide acceptance in recent times.

User Management software can be detailed and customizable like in Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and WordPress.

Google AdWords user access management

WordPress user management system

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