Create a New Project from the Truepush dashboard as explained in the steps below.

Step 1– New Project Details

Step 2– Add Website Details

Step 3– Create a Welcome Notification

Step 4– Browser settings

Step 5– Save the settings


1.1 New Project Details

Once you log in to your account, you will see a welcome screen.

1.1.1 Add your Project Name

1.1.2 Select your Platform Type: “Web”, “WordPress”, or “Shopify”.

Step 2

2.1 Add Website Details

2.1.1 Select your Domain type: HPPT (or) HTTPS.

2.1.2 Enter the Domain Name. For example,

2.1.3 Upload your company logo/icon
Note– The size of the icon should be less than 2MB.

2.2 Opt-in  Style

2.2.1 Select the type of Opt-in you want to use. For a complete guide on Opt-in settingsRead here.

2.2.2 Enter the Opt-in timing i.e., delay opt-in for a preferred time period once a user visits your website. However, this feature is optional.

2.2.3 Set the frequency of the Opt-in. You can choose-

  • Page Refresh, which means every time a user refreshes the page, he/she will get the opt-in.
  • New Session, which means for every new session starts, an opt-in will be received.
  • Specific Time, which means you can set a time period for when you want an opt-in to occur periodically.


3.1 Create Welcome Notification

Welcome Notification appears the first time a user subscribes to a website. To know how to create Welcome Notification, Read here.

This step will not be visible if you have selected WordPress as your project type.


4.1 Browser Setting

Choose the browsers for which you want to enable the notifications.


After the details are filled in, Do Not forget to click on the Code Integration button and your new project is now created.

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