User retention is as important as customer acquisition. The online engagement of your customers will help you increase customer loyalty. Push Notification is one of the finest tools for online customer engagement and retention.

Though there are many marketing techniques like email marketing and SMS marketing, the click rate is highest in Push Notifications. It gives 5-10X more engagement than emails. It sends short and crisp actionable notifications from messengers, applications, and of course, all kinds of advertisements/promotions.

Along with this, there are myths surrounding push notifications which we are going to bust today.

7 Myths Around Push Notifications

Implementation difficulties

This might have been the case many years ago when push notifications made their way into the market. Integrating push notifications into your website or app is pretty easy nowadays. Take a look at this for example. If copy-pasting a code is considered difficult then I believe eating a sandwich would be a humongous task.

push notifications are annoying

You’d happily read an article when the topic is of interest. The same works with push notifications. When the notification is sent to relevant to the customer, then in no way they’ll be annoyed. Of course, the timing is also important. You don’t want to be sending notifications regarding discounts on sweatshirts in the middle of the night, meh! In short, timely and targeted notifications mean a higher chance of happy and loyal customers. Truepush researched different industries and curated the best timings and frequency to send push notifications.

Push notifications are spam

No, spam is junk but notifications aren’t junk. Notifications that provide information that is either necessary to the customers or is of value to them would never be spam. The push notifications have to be evaluated for specific user types before scheduling to hit the sweet spot. If you can follow the best push notification strategy, you can avoid your notifications looking like spam.

No significant lead conversions

It all depends on how effectively you are carrying out your lead conversion plan. If used in a correct manner push notifications can work wonders and can also increase the traffic on your website. The content and timing play a major role in gaining good conversion rates.

online customer engagement, online engagement,  lead conversion

Need a strong supporting team to handle push notifications

All you need is you”  to plan, schedule and manage push notifications. A team? They’re better utilized someplace else as push notifications are pretty easily manageable by one person and applications like Truepush.

online customer engagement, online engagement,  lead conversion

You need to have mobile app to use push notification service

No, push notifications are applicable to websites and mobile applications. You don’t need to have a mobile app for your website or even HTTPS protocol to start sending push notifications for your users. With rapidly growing interest in push notifications, many popular blog or eCommerce websites use browser push notifications to engage their subscribers. With free push notification services like Truepush, you can simply set up the push notification service for your websites.

Another marketing tool, probably expensive

Budget is the most common thing we consider before choosing a new marketing technique for our business. Push notifications are an effective tool to build customer relationships at your expense. Truepush is built for everyone to grow their business at a reasonable budget, unlike other tools. Sign up for Truepush free push notifications provider up to 30K subscribers and upgrade plan with affordable prices to earn additional revenue.


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