About Senhor Tanquinho:

Guilherme and Roney are passionate about health and fitness who want to help people radically transform their bodies and their lives. 

The idea was started from the personal experience of their lives. Two young people who were frustrated with their bodies and health have become fit and happy people. Now they became the authors of a blog that already has more than 12 million hits.

Today, they can proudly say that Senhor Tanquinho has more than 25,000 satisfied customers and students, and has helped transform many lives.

What is your website? Can you narrate us the story behind building it? (What is the unique problem you’re trying to solve)

senhor tanquinho
Interview with Guilherme and Roney, Founders of Senhor Tanquiho

https://senhortanquinho.com We help people resolve health issues with a low carb diet.

What are the various growth or marketing channels you’re trying to get more visitors on the website?

Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, Email, Truepush

Do you think customer retention is crucial for businesses? How do push notifications help in it?

Yes. I think it is very important to constantly bring our website visitors back to our posts, and push notifications are excellent in showing our customers about our new content.

How do you plan out your push notification strategy? What are the parameters you consider while building it?

Actually I do not have any complicated plan: we only send notifications about new blog posts.

What is the most used push notification feature, and how it helped you in getting more conversion rates?

I keep it simple and only send notifications about new content.

How long have you been using Truepush, and how is it helping you achieve your business goals?

About 8 months. Truepush helps me by bringing back old site visitors to the new content.

Any feedback for the product and the Truepush team?

You are awesome! Keep up the good work!

Truepush Analysis:

After using the Truepush web notification service, Senhor Tanquinho has increased the CTR by 2.56% and the total view rate has a huge number of 1.72M. By default, the subscriber’s list hits high.

Truepush web notification service

Well, efficient usage of the Truepush features like segments helps to send the notifications in a scheduled version. The usage of the pre-defined property called a day of the week in the segments section helped Senhor Tanquinho to reach a number of 19933 and the value has been assigned as all weekdays. 

Truepush web notification service

Truepush also provides 2-way opt-in styles, however  Senhor Tanqunhio uses the Box+ Optin style.

Truepush web notification service

Senhor Tanquinho has a single project with good usage of the features provided by Truepush free for-ever notification service.

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