The Diwali season is here; the people all around are in a festive mood. It makes the perfect time for shopping and launching new products. Why not make the users more happy and updated through a push notification for amazing sales flash offers, discounts, limited time offer, rewards, and launching new products? The idea is not new, but using it intelligently would surely make the brand go all festive and the first choice of the users.

Make your festive sale a fantastic benchmark for the business and celebrate Diwali with us.

Re-engagement of users during festive times like Diwali and its succeeding weeks cannot be ignored, and it becomes essential to send Push Notifications to the users. The thriving e-commerce platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, etc. have proved that engaging users during special occasions could yield exceptional ROI in a short duration. 

While both Amazon and Flipkart have announced dates for their festive sale events in the month of September-October, according to RedSeer, .e-commerce firms are expected to have 60-65% higher market compared to last year in 2018.

However, for SMEs and small businesses, it becomes difficult to go beyond a low budget for their marketing agendas. How would they retain the users to have significant growth?

Well, Push Notification is a free tool for such businesses. A free tool for re-engaging the user base, making them stay on the website, i.e., raising the retention, making more purchases, and finally converting. Let’s explore how, during the festive season, small businesses can make a massive difference in terms of their growth by using a free push service, as shown in the examples below.

Make My Orders sends limited time offer

MakeMyOrders is an online shopping website for all kinds of fashion, lifestyle, and electronic items. Uses a free Push Notifications service and re-engages its vast user base. Adding coupons for the Diwali season has increased sales and also user satisfaction.

Vishal Mega Mart pushes sales flash offer

Vishal Mega Mart is a popular choice among shoppers to hop in for various products. Sending Push Notifications about Festive essentials like ethnic wears during the Diwali time can easily fetch lighting deals! These sales flash offers are highly converting and generates profitable ROI while using the most affordable push tool

Bombay Shaving Company

One of the best companies for Men’s grooming products, Bombay Shaving Company, sends Push Notifications to its audience about the best deals available.


Win exciting offers and freebies
New Launch: Charcoal Shaving Foam
Make the most of this clearance sale@50% off

HJ Fashion

HJ fashion lifestyle store is another eCommerce platform which caters to the need of women in the fashion world. It sends Push Notifications to its diverse audience and exclusive offers during Diwali time.

Rayon Colorful Palazzo For Festival !!
Get Rs 200 Discount To buy This Product

Essential Tips To Send Notifications During Festive Time- 

  1. Send Presale Alert
  2. Recover Abandoned Cart With New Discount Offer
  3. A Perfect Landing Page
  4. Thank You Message With Festive Discounts
  • Send Presale Alert

Get the customers geared up for sale. Send catchy presale push alerts using rich templates. Include featured image, emoji, offers, etc. using models that are also mobile-friendly. Presale alert creates an urgency in the user, which plays a crucial role in bringing festive traffic.

  • Recover Abandoned Cart With New Discount Offer

When a customer has shown a desire to purchase a product but left the cart without the completion of the purchase, send a trigger including discounts on the abandoned carts and significantly increase the sales. It would help to set a brand’s reputation as well.

  • A Perfect Landing Page

A landing page is a place where a user makes the final decision to purchase. If the landing page looks spammy or full of irrelevant links, it might lead to a canceled purchase. And, if a landing page is organized with proper links, design, and aesthetics, it prompts the user to go ahead with his/her purchase decision.

(Bombay Shaving Company website page )
  •  Thank You Message With Festive Discounts

The selling of a product is not limited to the last click on the BUY button. It’s a festive time, and thanking the users for making a purchase is winning a lot of respect. Send the users a notification thanking them for the purchase.

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