“Don’t just manage, go one extra mile, and win the race.”

Don’t just create, create to change, change to improve, improve to increase. Aspire to inspireThis suits well while talking about the founding journey of TRUEPUSH – free-forever push notifications started in 2018 and in less than 2 years acquired a place in Top 10 most popular push notifications category in India.

Let’s dive in and understand the insights shared by the Co-Founders of Truepush – Manoj Surya and Ravi Vaka with Amit Mundada founder of Monkdigital.in.

From the Scratch is a podcast series started by Amit Mundada, Founder | Monkdigital.in, for sharing the business, marketing, and branding strategies by the startups and brands.

Meet The Founders

Ravi Vaka – Ravi is currently Co-founder &  Head of Customer Outreach & Success of Truepush. He oversees Customer Outreach, Customer Success, Customer Service, and QA Team. He aims to exceed the highest standards in delivering his clients a lifetime experience. Planning to add new subsets to the existing market segmentation and increasing the product’s reach is what keeps him busy today.

Earlier to his present role, he served as the Vice President of Business Operations at Whacked Out Media, piloting the entire gamut of tasks involved in smooth and complaint-free operations, ensuring all bottlenecks get addressed on time.

Manoj Surya – Manoj Surya is a co-founder of Truepush, free forever push notifications on the Web and Mobile.  He is the Head of Product. He excels at getting the product to come in timelines according to the customer and market need.

Before joining Truepush, he began Zenty in 2015. The establishment is said to connect brands with powerful influencers to execute offline campaigns which help them get consumer insights and generate content for their marketing channels.

He also has created a meetup platform for early-stage entrepreneurs called Startup Talks which at present boasts of having 16000 people on board and is currently functional in 3 cities.

Getting Started

As per the Discussion, the founders share the story behind the journey of Truepush and the idea with which Truepush was founded in 2018.

The Journey of starting Truepush began in early 2017 when both the founders Ravi and Manoj met at the Startup Leadership Programme in Hyderabad where they came up with the idea of starting a tool that helps the brands in their growth and user engagement.

The duo did thorough research and found there are no free products in the market for push notifications. 

This made them realize that marketing and customer retention are two important aspects of brand building and companies spent a decent amount on the building and using various paid tools. Thus, they introduced a completely free – forever concept of launching their product in 2018 at Product Hunt.

Truepush – Free Forever is a push notification service 

About Truepush 

Truepush is a free Push Notifications service for both web and mobile. It helps brands in growth and marketing since it increases user engagement, retention, and conversions for the brands. Some of the best features of Truepush are

The Growth Story 

The Truepush has evolved tremendously in the last 18 months with 15,000+ Developers and marketers using the platforms and has reached more than 42 million devices.

Truepush is selected among more than 100 top brands and more than millions of verified reviews on the various sites, along with the various parameters based on user experience.

Truepush currently pushes over 5 billion notifications per month and has a track record of 30+ billion notifications sent as of date. The infrastructure is now built in a way that the system can now handle billions of notifications in a day. 

Truepush has won many awards that include

Truepush has gained lots of positive feedback and reviews from its users and other platforms for its authenticity and rich features.

Some of them are listed below :

Capterra“The good thing about Truepush is that it’s completely free and the number of subscribers is unlimited.”

“The best alternative to any other push notifications software”

G2:  “The fact that it is absolutely free and that it truly is real-time as the devs claim. Having used other push notification providers who started out free and then started using limits and caps, I really had to look for an alternative. After using this for about 3 months now, it has the best attrition rate ever. Almost no loss in subscribers (something I’ve struggled with the others)” – writes one of its happy clients on G2. 

Product Hunt:  “It looks great with rich features and free-forever”.


The Duo shares the amazing experience of their journey and learnings. They talk about how communication is one of the most crucial aspects of businesses.

They also shared how Dedication, Discipline, and Hard work can give you tremendous results and future goals for the company in the coming years.

Stay Tuned to listen more to how Truepush evolved.

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