We all need marketing channels to take our products and services to the customers. These are mediums to communicate with the end-users and build relationships. It’s a known fact that there is always a never-ending debate about push notifications vs other marketing channels. Web push notifications have become an integral part of every industry’s digital marketing strategies. But what makes these push notifications unique and defeat all other marketing channels in engaging and retaining customers.

Push notification subscribers find value in these messages to get regular updates from their preferred websites. There are many factors in push notifications that attract marketers and users. Read this blog to know why marketers prefer push notifications to other marketing channels.

Need to Use Various Marketing Channels

Customers today are exposed to high internet usage with many research sources. They have an opportunity to go through various channels to compare and evaluate products or services before deciding. For this reason, marketers need to be present in every possible channel to increase brand recognition, traction and conversions. Push notifications, SMS and emails are standard channels available for marketers to attract audiences.

With the huge competition in every industry, you need to make a place in customer mind. You cannot risk going unnoticed among other brand-promoting messages. So, to avoid this use push notifications which have a high click and open rate compared with other marketing channels. 

Why Web Push Notifications Over Other Marketing Channels?

Easy Opt-in Process

The initial step for sending engaging updates through push notifications medium is requesting user permission. This also provides websites with a list of interested subscribers and increases campaign's success rate.

For emails or text messages, the visitors need to provide personal information to receive updates. On the other hand, opt-in for push notifications is only by clicking the “Allow” button on the website. Visitors can also unsubscribe web push notifications from one particular service by changing the browser settings.

Below is an example of a push service opt-in from the website

Instant Message Reach

Promoting products, services and content in this digital world has become quite a task. With so much content feed from various sources, you have to make sure your messages are seen. These short push messages reach the device notification panel and capture the users attention, no matter what they are doing online. 

For example, if you consider emails or text messages they reach users inboxes and combine with other junk messages. In push notifications, marketers can use the “user interaction” feature and make sure your push message stays on the device notification panel until an action is taken place.

Crispy Messages

In push notifications, the title and message characters are specified to a certain limit. This helps to keep the content straight, short and precise which grabs attraction. It is observed that rich push notifications with engaging content have a high potential to pull the customer’s attention. Marketers can follow our working tips to write perfect push notification samples and get more clicks and open rates. 

Here is an example of a push notification sample

Subscribers Powered

Push notifications give complete control to the users which is not feasible in any other marketing channel. Users can block push notifications from the website if they are disturbing and irrelevant. But with emails, you can mark them as spam but you may still receive emails from other domains as they have your email data.

No Spammy Messages

Emails or text messages landing in spam folders or block lists is the nightmare of every marketer. For this, you need to pass over the regular algorithm updates to make a successful marketing campaign. Whereas, browser push notifications reach directly the device notification panel and can’t go unnoticed by the user.

Implement push notification best practices while running campaigns to not annoy users and decrease the unsubscription rate. Websites can use the free web push service, Truepush and curate rich and engaging push notifications for your users.

Security & Privacy

Data privacy plays a vital role in engaging audiences. Envision a user who never wants to share confidential information to receive updates. In this case, you can’t get his personal data which is required to send updates using other marketing channels. But the push notification opt-in process will not collect any user data with complete user control.

Also, there are chances websites can sell email subscription data to other marketing companies. But that can not be the case with push notifications. When a visitor subscribes to the website push service it records the browser details and pushes messages using the service worker in the website backend. So, there is no chance of breaching user security and privacy.

No SpamBots

Spambots are a real problem while collecting data for email or text message marketing channels. These bots are programmed to provide fake details when they visit the website. With this, all you have is irrelevant user data which can increase your email bounce rate. But with push notifications, the browser handles the push subscribers data and you don’t end up reaching bot faces.

Compliments Other Marketing Channels

Push notifications will not replace your other marketing channels. It helps you to build strong user relationships. For example, a first-time visitor will not be comfortable with providing an email address. So, use push notifications opt-in where you can see a high subscription rate. With the trust you gain by sending relevant push notifications, there are chances you observe an increase in email subscriptions when you implement email marketing.

Save Time & Budget

The browser push notifications are simple to implement when compared to traditional marketing channels. Because of the easy opt-in process, you can build a user base in a short time and start communicating with them. Whereas, this is quite a task with email marketing. With a push notification service, like Truepush, you can send unlimited push notifications to your subscribers for free with all advanced features. 

Simple to Create

These short messages are easy and simple to create, unlike your email newsletters. For example, to create an email newsletter you need to think of a concept, huge content and images. Also, you need to design them according to the email standards.

The limited characters in push message is an advantage that makes it simple, easy and less time-consuming. You just need to write 2 or 3 lines of title and message, add brand logo, image and CTA buttons. Now, schedule the notifications for a specific time and subscribers.

How Do I Set Up Push Notifications On My Website?

Adding push notifications to your website is easy with web push services like Truepush. It has a simple code integration process and plugins that only takes 5 minutes to set up and start sending push notifications. Here are the steps you need to follow to install our web push notification service.

WordPress Plugin:

  • Login to your WordPress account and search for the Truepush plugin.
  • Activate the plugin and click on menu to know installation instructions.
  • Now, sign in to your Truepush account and create project in dashboard.
  • Click on “Configure WordPress” and provide project icon and opt-in.
  • Go to the settings page and copy unique API key and API Id.
  •  No go back to WordPress configuration and paste APP key and API Id in respective fields.
  • That’s it. You can integrate Truepush into your WordPress.
  • For more details read our Truepush WordPress integration blog.

Code Integration for Website

  • Login to your Truepush account and click on code integration.
  • Download the sw.js file and place it in the root folder of your website.
  • Copy the SDK code and add it before closing the body tag of your HTML.
  • Your Truepush integration is done and now you can send push notifications.
  • Check this blog for a more detailed Truepush code integration process.


Web push notifications are an effective marketing channel in every aspect of engaging, website traffic and conversions. Apart from promotion campaigns, you can use push messages to send deliver useful information like cart abandonment, latest updates, delivery status and more. It also depends on your audiences, and niche industry to decide the type of marketing channel but push notifications never fail to engage your audiences and drive them back.